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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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IT Management Consulting  
The Great Divide - Information Technology / Business and Finance   
Twenty years into the Information Technology revolution and there is still an enormous divide between the solutions and services that most IT departments provide and the businesses that they serve.  Technologists speak the language of their individual technical element, and the business speaks the language of their unique business needs.  The result is a level of abstraction from how technology solves the problems of the business and a lack of clarity and connection between IT investment and business outcomes. In addition to the divide between the business user and the IT professional, there is an ever-increasing pressure on the IT team to drive efficiency, to do more with less and to accommodate new technology paradigms such as cloud-based services without a clear investment model that provides decision insight into the activities that would actually provide value to the business.    
Bridging the Divide - Business Value Management  
The Baix IT Management Consulting practice focuses on the management and creation of business value through the use of Information Technology.  We use a proprietary framework that not only helps organizations to  "Master the Basics" but also provides for extending and creating Value.  There are four stages of increasing maturity in Business Value Management:  

  Level 1: "Master the Basics"
  Deliver the right quality IT service at a cost competitive right as defined by the business
  Level 2: Demonstrate Business Value
  "Run IT as a Business", Deliver cost transparency tied to business services; IT Service Management 
  Level 3: Extend Business Value 
  Optimize business processes through the use of technology                                                          
  Level 4: Create Business Value 
  Create new business value through the use of technology including new customer products, etc.
Baix Business Value Management Framework  
True value lies in helping your business partners to identify possibilities for improving or transforming business performance and outcomes.  It also comes in the form of helping them to guide their team through the transformation required.  At Baix we recognize that organizational structures and the people within them are among the largest barriers to change.  For that reason the Baix Framework focuses on activities which enable Business-IT partnerships and prepare both the technology and the business teams for change, while simultaneously ensuring that most efficient delivery of technology to the business.  By doing so we are able to help our customers truly bridge the gap between IT and the business.  We don't just align IT to the business.  We bring IT and the business together in a holistic partnership that enables increased innovation, enhanced business outcomes and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
We use a variety of industry standards and best practices in the framework, from a robust ITIL set of processes and procedures to Six Sigma and Lean for process development and improvement.  While standards and best practices inform the Baix Framework, we strive to use them according to the needs and desires of each individual customer.  We recognize that each of them is merely a tool to be used to solve a problem.  We don't assume that a hammer is required for every problem when the issue calls for a screwdriver, and we don't use every tool in the tool chest for every problem.    
We offer the following specialized Management Consulting solutions:  
Value-Based IT
Value-Based IT contains the processes and procedures to help identify the areas of value within your company and to make your IT contributions to that value visible.  Value-based IT also contains activities to help recognize and capture extended and new value creation opportunities within the company and gives you the ability to move your IT organization to a Level 4 in BVM.   
Prepare the Team  
Transformations are seldom successful if the organization is not properly prepared to handle the change.  Technology organizations are faced with managing through an enormous time of change as our environment converges and begins to inject cloud offerings into our overall service portfolio.  Business partners face change any time there is a fundamental shift in business process or technology.  Successful technology transformation require an understanding of the organization dynamics and a plan to ensure that all team members are able to successfully navigate the change.      
IT Service Management  
Service Management focuses on the development and management of products and services aligned to the needs of the business and is one of the core elements in the delivery of a mature BVM program.  Service Management includes the definition of services as well as their strategic plan, architecture, delivery and operation.    
Operational Excellence Processes  
Operational Excellence Processes focus on "Mastering the Basics" to ensure that the Information Technology team provides a quality product at a competitive price.  Mastering Operational Excellence earns the Information Technology team the ability to begin working on providing true value to the business.  
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